ORC Weeks 4 & 5: Everything goes wrong!

Let me start off by saying dealing with back to back grief sucks, but I’m glad I’ve had the One Room Challenge to keep my mind occupied. Working through my losses has caused me to miss details when it’s come to these two projects but that’s life and I’m pivoting as needed to get the bedroom and office done!


I’m sure you’ve been following the drama unfold on my Instagram, but the rug and vision I had for the bedroom is not working at all. For starters, the Wendy Morrison rug I was so excited to find turned out too small for the bedroom which throws off the entire aesthetic of the room. This left me scrambling on what to do in the space, so for right now I’m keeping our old rug. The Wendy Morrison rug is going into the living room where it actually works better since you can see more of the rug. My vision for the bedroom was a super colorful space with tons of prints and textures. This meant, I ordered about 4 different curtain options, comforters/quilts, pillow, etc. It’s all going to have to go back since they don’t work well without the WM rug sadly. (note to self, you have a ton of crap to return!). The bedroom is going in a much moodier direction, which I’m loving but I basically have to start from scratch with my vision! Above is a nice sneak peek but trust me the final reveal is going to be SO good!

Our shades are still backordered until late December but everything else will slowly come together before the shoot date. My mom found this black satin comforter at Ross for $25 and knew it would really work well in the space. I’m so glad she did since I was having trouble tying in the rug, curtains, wall cover – basically everything. Although I’m not into matching, I do love the stripes on the comforter mimic the curtains. Speaking of curtains, Alan installed our lucite rods which is a DIY we’ve done throughout the house (DIY Brass & Lucite Curtain Rods). I didn’t find a proper vanity like I envisioned, which will be something I keep looking for until I find the perfect one.

As I’ve mentioned on Instagram, the bedroom will probably be about 80% done and that’s okay. I love to rework spaces so this gives me the opportunity to zhuzh the crap out of the room next year.


For the office and library, we haven’t received the fronts or panels yet for the cabinets, which meant pushing out the shoot date (and thus reveal). I’m not mad about it because life and I’m not sure I could get things done any faster than we are right now. However, the floating shelves are painted and Alan is getting them up! The office space is easier in a sense since there aren’t too many design details, the work here is more manual labor (paint, build, install). We made the big decision about the paint color and the fact we I wanted a dark monolithic feel. If you recall, Alan spent weeks figuring out the placement of the shelves. He wanted symmetric, I said I need some randomness in there. We came up with a super clever design detail too which I’m excited to share with you during the reveal!

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