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ORC Week 3: Paint, Pillows, and a Long To Do List

a vintage splendor one room challenge

We’ve accomplished one of the more dramatic tasks on our to do list which is painting the bedroom and office space. I promised we were going for moody and let me tell you, the colors we selected do not disappoint!
It’s week 3 and we’re s l o w l y getting to the finish line.

This photo makes this space look more traditional than it will actually look when we’re done (click here for the moodboards for the two spaces). Yes, the bedroom will have lots of color and I’m still thinking of how to add more prints to the space!⁠ I love a moody and classic space, but I’m saving that for the historic home I buy one day #manifesting! I love this paint color for our bedroom so much (it’s called Stone Bridge by Dunn Edwards ). I wake up and go to sleep admiring it so I know we made the right decision with the color. ⁠⠀

I mentioned that the color in the office space is not as dark as I hoped it would be but I still love it. It’s called Deepest Sea by Dunn Edwards. The mistake I made was swatching the darkest spot in the space and not the one that got the most light (natural and artificial). Proof that even the experts make a mistake!
Our To Do List:

The bedroom needs curtains, rug, artwork, and decor. I have ordered several curtain options, quilts and pillows which Alan calculated to give us 16 possibilities for the bedroom. I’m usually very decisive but the fact that this space needs to be done in mid November has me on overdrive and ordering everything just so I can test it out. I honestly feel a little like Emily Henderson when she changes her space a million times. I used to give her slack but I guess it happens LOL!

The office still needs all the things – cabinets, shelves, artwork, desktop, handrail, oh my!⁠⠀

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