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One Room Challenge Fall 2020: Week 1 Bedroom & Office

I have teased that I was participating in the One Room Challenge over the last month so I’m super excited to finally share our plans for our bedroom and office makeovers! I was originally planning on just one space but I’m so ready to complete these two projects, I figured nothing quite like a design challenge to help me get there!

Bedroom Project

The biggest surprise for many of you is probably that you don’t see any wallpaper for our bedroom project. I’ve been showing off wallpaper options since November 2019 and I think everyone was invested in one of the options I shared over the last 11 months. I’m still obsessed with all of our wallpaper options but it came down to budget. To be honest, I don’t think this is our forever home and if I’m spending $$$$$$$$$ on House of Hackney, I want to take it with me when I move. I couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on wallpaper that I won’t enjoy for the long term. Instead, we decided to paint the walls and invest in pieces that can physically move with us if we ever move! As you know, I love color, prints and texture and I want our bedroom to reflect our personal styles. I’m so tired of our minimalist space – it needs some life!

I recently discovered Wendy Morrison and her rugs inspired the aesthetic for the room. I also sourced a gorgeous 18th Century sofa bench which is en route to me as I type this. I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll keep the black silk upholstery on the bench or update it with a rich velvet leopard. What do you think? Before anyone gets worried we’re keeping our bed and nightstands but everything else is getting a refresh! Yes, that includes the Home Depot $4 paper blinds LOL! I cant wait to get some real shades up along with some nicer curtains.

Office Project

I recently shared shared some inspo and details for our office project here so this mood board shouldn’t come as a shock. I’m excited to finally have a dedicated work space for both me and Alan, plus get all of our travel pictures and vintage artwork up on a gallery wall. We’re also going to be doing a DIY lucite and brass hand rail for the stairs which I’m excited to share with you as we work on it.

For our office, I’m going to create a “built in” look using IKEA bases and SemiHandmade fronts (we did this for our kitchen years ago). We want to go with a very dark grey/blue/almost black color for the space and I’m so excited! You know we don’t shy away from color or prints, so our office is getting a nice bold treatment. We’re adding floating shelves above the stairs to create a library for Alan’s thousand books!

I’m still thinking about accessories for the space including the chairs and the rug. I’ve decided we’ll go for a vintage rug for the space, in a deep red which will contrast nicely with the dark walls. As for the chairs, I want something more 80s modern like these brass chairs.

Be sure to head to ORC blog to see all of the other designers participating and their projects!

Thank you for reading.

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