thrifted leopard slip dress

Why I Love Thrifting

thrifted leopard slip dress

Thrifting has been a hobby of mine for a long time and is the reason why A Vintage Splendor was born. The #ThrilloftheThrift is a real thing because of many different aspects that add up to an exhilarating feeling. Today I’m breaking down some of the many reasons why I love thrifting and why you might find that it’s something for you’d enjoy as well.

Why I Love Thrifting

It’s sustainable!

Fast fashion is causing so much harm to our world. It’s made to be thrown out so that we as consumers are encouraged to buy more. Thrifted and vintage clothing are pieces that have stood the test of time and are being recycled into a new and loving home. When a piece of clothing in your closet has served its purpose there, it’s a good feeling to know that I can put it back into the realm of thrifted clothing for it to find another home rather than putting it in the waste that our world already has too much of.

It’s a great way to find basics (and not so basics).

A white tee, a pair of Levi’s cut off shorts, a slip dress… the only thing that can make a classic piece of clothing better is a backstory. If a slip dress from the 40s shows up in my closet, I know the history that comes along with it making it much more than just a classic basic that can’t go out of style. Thrifting is the perfect place to find these treasures. To the opposite effect, when I want to be original and buy something no one else has, thrifting has that guarantee to it. There are handmade vintage pieces that are one-of-a-kind and pieces that even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t conjure up. Simply perusing through all the clothing is fuel for creativity on what I want within the walls of my closet and finding them down the road is a satisfaction like no other.

I love finding unique, vintage pieces.

Style, to me, is personal. It’s not about seeing what’s ‘on trend’ or what is in or out of style at the moment, rather it’s about finding what puts a smile on my face and makes me feel good in my skin. My style is unique, therefore I love finding unique, vintage pieces that help to support that.

I can experiment with pieces and my style (without spending a lot of money).

In the world of thrifting, the options are endless. You can find an entire outfit made of yarn or a 3-piece denim suit if that’s what you’re into. What makes the world of thrifting even more inclusive is that it’s affordable. If you want to experiment with something new, you’re not paying an absurd amount to do so. $30 can go much farther thrifting than it ever could when you’re purchasing clothes brand new. My style is always evolving because I am always trying (on) new things, without breaking the bank.

All the men’s jeans and kid’s cardigans.

Bringing Harlee thrifting with me has added a whole new level of thrill to the experience. But the real reason I shop the kid’s section is because that’s where you can find fitted cashmere sweaters. If you’re a petite gal, the kids section is a goldmine for shrunken tees, schoolboy blazers, and cute little cardigans. Don’t skip the men’s section if you love denim. Vintage Levi’s 501s were a men’s jeans and if you’re looking for a similar slouchy fit that makes your butt look so good style, the men’s section will have your jeans. You can also find oversized blazers, denim jackets and hats in the men’s department.

The people watching.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how wonderful it is to watch people in their habitat of thrifting. From the people who collect to those that are on the hunt for a basic, because thrifted and vintage clothing is so unique, you’re also going to find that the people shopping for it are unique as well. To see such diversity and eclectic people in one place is to have hours of entertainment and outright appreciation for everyone. I love thrifting because it doesn’t discriminate. There are all kinds of styles and sixes and something for everyone to enjoy.

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