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My Top 4 Most Loved Pairs of Levis

levi's ribcage jeans review

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans, Levis has always been my go-to brand. Their iconic styles and superior quality make them a must-have in any wardrobe. As someone who’s tried and tested countless denim brands, I can confidently say that nothing fits quite like a pair of Levis. I’m sharing my top 4 favorite pairs of Levis that are sure to flatter any body type. From classic styles to trendier fits, these jeans are the ultimate wardrobe staple. So whether you’re a die-hard Levis fan or just starting your denim journey, read on to discover all the goodness that comes along with these timeless jeans. To see how they look on, I filmed a try on reel here.

No 1. Ribcage

The Ribcage is the highest rise ever – it’s about 11″ – 12″ depending on size. It’s the ‘90s versions of the 501 mashed up with the ’70s versions of the 501! You definitely want to get the Ribcage jeans in your typical size because you want these to be a tight fit. The 1% stretch gives you enough movement so they’re snug but comfortable!

vintage levi's 501 fit

No 2. Vintage 501s

The classic body-hugging vintage jeans that you’ll need to hunt at the flea market or thrift shop. This is a button fly, straight leg, mid rise fit. I think some of the butt magic comes from the fact that the back panel of fabric on a 501 is cut wider than the front panel. That means that the fabric from the back panel wraps around your rear to give it a hug & lift. The waistline of the 501 also takes a flattering dive down from back to front nipping the waist at just the right angle & giving you curves all around.

levi's original 501 fit review

No 3. 501 Original Cropped

This classic jean features the iconic straight fit and signature button fly in a cropped style. It’s very similar to the vintage 501s but the modern style is designed for women’s bodies specifically so the fit is tighter in the hips. The 501s are 100% cotton so they are rigid, but soft – keep this in mind when it comes to sizing! A note about sizing – they are all over the place so order a few sizes in the various washes. I own these in both 25 and 27 and they fit the exact same!

levi's wedgie icon jeans

No 4. Wedgie Icon

Everyone loves a little extra attention on the backside and these jeans have special construction that do just that. They’re based on the vintage style Levis and highlight your curves. There is no waist gap with these jeans so they hug the waist and hips which is why they’re one of my fave jeans that make your butt look so good!

Shopping for Levi’s Jeans

My favorite way of finding a great pair of Levis jeans is secondhand. They hold their style and when well loved, add a vintage flare to them that is hard to replicate when buying them new. If you need guidance on how to find the best vintage Levis, look no further than my guide to vintage Levis or the vintage Levis styles you need to buy.

Thank you for reading.

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