5 Jeans That Make Your Butt Look So Good

vintage levis

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you guys LOVE denim posts! Every time I wear or share my vintage 501 Levis, I get about 10 emails or comments asking me for more tips, style ideas, and inspiration. Today I’m sharing 5 jeans that make your butt look so good, since it’s probably the most important thing when shopping for jeans (in addition to comfort). The top contender is the Levi’s Wedgie and second is the Madewell high rise skinny. These jeans have three important things in common: they are high-waist, work for all body types (trust me), and are about $100. Although the Levi’s Wedgie doesn’t have much stretch, it hugs the hips and curves of the body to give you that perfect shape. The Madewell skinnies have plenty of stretch and hug the body perfectly. I wear my Levi’s when I’m looking for a more causal or vintage look, while the Madewell jeans are a bit more refined. I think you’ll be happy with either style, plus the other 3 jeans I’ve linked below.

If you’re ready to show off that perfect butt, then stock up on these 5 jeans!

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