the only high waist jeans you need

The Only High Waist Jeans You Need

The Only High Waist Jeans You Need - Levi's Ribcage Jeans

This may seem like a bold statement, but I truly believe there is only one pair of high waisted jeans you need and it’s the Levi’s Ribcage jeans. Levi’s knows denim, obviously, so when they launched the Ribcage jeans, it was another mind blowing style we didn’t know we needed. The Ribcage jeans are the highest high rise yet (12 inches!) and are inspired by the ‘90s-era vintage 501s – another favorite denim style of mine. Basically, Levi’s has designed the perfect pair of high waisted jeans and you need a pair, k?

The Only High Waist Jeans You Need

Everyone looks good in them:

These jeans looks amazing on every body type. They have just the right about of stretch to give you shape and my favorite part about them is how high they are on the waist – hence the name ‘ribcage’ jeans. The extra-high rise and button fly help define your waist. They’re designed to elongate your silhouette and make you feel as amazing as you look.

They come in all different styles:

Whether you’re a flare, bootcut or straight-leg fan, these jeans come in all the different styles. You know when you find that ‘almost’ perfect pair of jeans but the thing holding them back from being YOUR perfect pair is the style? You don’t have to suffer the heartbreak with these – they’re amazing in every cut, but whatever one works best for you is the right choice.

They have a two-for-one vibe:

My style has a range. I can be conservative chic one day and vintage boho the next. These jeans have that great vintage vibe but are a totally modern style. It took a minute for high waisted styles to come back around, but thank the vintage gods it did, because I’ve always loved this look (and quite frankly never stop wearing them). You can dress them up or down, they’re a great price point for you to be able to customize them the way you want, and honestly, a staple item that you can have for years to come.

A few of my IG friends and I created a video of us styling it if you’re in need of a little more evidence or inspiration!

Thank you for reading.

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