how to decorate an entryway

5 Tips for Decorating a Great Entryway

how to decorate an entryway

One of the most impactful spaces in our home is our entryway! It’s big on personality, color, and style so I always get questions about how we approached the design or style of it. I never use a formula per se when it comes to decorating any space, but I always start with a moodboard so I can see how everything in my brain will look like in reality! I definitely recommend starting with a moodboard and then following these 5 tips for decorating a great entryway (because we all want to make a statement).

5 Tips for Decorating a Great Entryway

1. Choose a Theme

You can opt to stick with a single theme like traditional, but I like to mix it up as much as I can as I think it adds personality. My theme for our entryway was mid century modern, bohemian with a touch of glam. I also find that entryways are ideal for impactful, patterned wallpapers since they make such a great entrance for your guests (and yourself). See my post about installing wallpaper here.

2. Pick a Palette

You can get creative with your theme but definitely identify and stick to a color palette for the space. From wallpaper or paint colors to decor and furniture, you want it to feel like family and not a hodgepodge of random things you pulled together.

3. Carve Out an Entryway

If your home’s architecture doesn’t include an obvious area for an entry, create one with a substantial piece of furniture to anchor the space. I like tables or benches since they serve a practical purpose at the entry, but I’ve seen great spaces with a vintage trunk or ornate chair. For our entryway, Alan turned the planter into a bench with a simple DIY. We maintained the original architecture of the house, but modified it to fit our lifestyle.

4. Use Pops of Personality

Whether you’re outgoing and fun, or more of an introvert and tend to be reserved, bright accents and offbeat additions are meant to be displayed in the entryway. Most of my fun flea-market finds fill up our entryway and give it that pop of personality.

5. Put Passions on Display

Consider your entryway is the “elevator pitch” to your house. It’s the optimal spot to send a message to guests about what you love. Whether it’s books, artwork, or pieces from your travel, they make a great addition to every entryway.

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