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A Vintage Splendor Home Office Mood Board

I’m super excited that we’re getting started on our home office and library project soon. I’ve worked from home for over 5 years and always used random spots throughout the house as a dedicated office space, but I’m glad we’re making it official. It’ll be an office space for both me and Alan as well as built in library for Alan’s books – as I always say, I have my shoes, he has his books.

The new office will be at the top of the landing by our bedroom and the floating shelves/library will be on one side of our stairs. It’s a wide space so although there will be books and furniture, it won’t feel cramped. On the opposite wall, we’ll have a gallery wall of vintage maps from the places we’ve traveled and family photos. We’re also finally installing a lucite and brass handrail (another DIY project)!

We’re excited to build out the space using Semihandmade fronts for IKEA cabinets again. If you’re new here, our kitchen is a Semihandmade x IKEA project and we’re obsessed with the aesthetic and quality. Unlike the kitchen, this time we’re going to work with their DIY slab fronts since we want the walls and cabinets to be the same color for a “built in” look. If the mood board didn’t give it away, we want to go with a very dark grey/blue/almost black color for the space and I’m so excited! You know we don’t shy away from color or prints, so our office is getting a nice bold treatment. The floating shelves/library will be above the stairs similar to that picture on the bottom left on the moodboard. We’re thinking of something like Dunn Edwards Cover of Night or Deepest Sea. Which color do you like better?

I get a lot of questions about Semihandmade x IKEA projects, so check out this FAQ post to get an idea of the process. This rending doesn’t show the cabinet fronts, nor the desktop but, it gives you a nice visual of what we’re thinking of the space. The workspace will be wide enough for Alan and I both to use at the same time and when Alan returns to the office, I’ll have tons of room 🙂 I’m thinking of adding a paintable cork above the desk so we can utilize that space for putting up documents or photos. I want the space to be super sleek and modern, but also practical and accessible.

I’m still thinking about accessories for the space including the chairs and the rug. I keep going back and forth between an art deco Chinese rug in bright hues to something more of a deep red. As for chairs, I love these rattan wrapped chairs, but Alan wants something a mid more 80s modern like these brass chairs. I did buy these lamps since West Elm was doing a 30% off sale (they always have sales, but wanted to buy something so I felt productive!) I have a lot of decisions to make still, but I’m excited to get started on some of the planning and buying so we can hopefully kick off this project soon!

Moodboard image sources (clockwise): McGee & Co, Jessica Elizabeth Interiors, A Glass of Bovino, Arquitetura y Construcao

Thank you for reading.

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