Let’s just say I plan on dedicating at least 4 days just for vintage shopping in Rome the next time we head back because it was that good! I’m a fan of the Italian designers and the prices there are very reasonable compared to what you’ll find in the United States. The staff are very friendly, most speak English and they truly enjoy helping you find gems. Several of the vintage shops did mention that Levis, Ralph Lauren and American College Sweatshirts have become more popular in Rome!

If you like the fine art of leisure, then definitely stay in the Monti neighborhood and you can spend the day vintage shopping and enjoying some of the best cafes in the city. This is where we stayed when we travelled for Christmas and I would only stay here or in Trastevere.

Borghetto Flaminio Market
This flea market happens on Sunday and, if you love flea markets, it’s a must visit. This is the spot if you want to pick up vintage clothing or accessories. There is a ton of vintage and second hand designer pieces and the prices are great. Bring cash!

31 Vintage Avenue
I loved this store and the owner, Simone, was so nice! He helped me pick out the perfect 80s Gucci tote. He also said his favorite place to thrift is Rose Bowl Flea Market so I told him to reach out when he comes to the States and we can shop together. He has a great selection of vintage and the prices are very reasonable!

Mercato Monti Urban Market
This is such a great market featuring vintage and artisanal booths, you’re sure to find something super unique. I found great vintage Italian sunglasses here, plus a cute puffer coat with hand knitted sleeves.

Pulp Vintage
A bright, well organized vintage shop where the prices are really good. It was easy to browse and I love that it was nicely curated.

Sitenne Vintage Store
This is a super small store, but it has a lot of inventory! The staff is were very knowledgeable about the pieces and I loved sifting through the formal pieces.

Second Chance
If you’re looking for vintage or second hand designer bags, then definitely stop here! They authenticate all of the pieces and they are slightly cheaper than any of the second hand luxury retailers.

Vintachic Vintage Shop
You can tell the owner loves vintage as soon as you walk into this store! It has mostly formalwear and accessories but it’s still a must shop when in Rome.

Flamingo Vintage
This is a popular vintage shop in Rome and the inventory and prices reflect that. But, if you’re looking for super rare designer pieces, this is where you’ll likely come across a piece on your unicorn shopping list.

King Size Vintage
This is such a fun vintage shop and the selection is finely curated. This is more of a high end thrift store with higher prices, but I liked the vibe and overall selection.

Twice Vintage Shop
This is a small but mighty shop that has a lot of shoes, handbags, clothes and accessories.

Pifebo Vintage Shop
This is the most popular vintage shop and boasts two locations. The bright red interior of the shop is a statement and a great backdrop for their huge selection of tees, denim and boots.

Vintage Studium
Another beautifully curated vintage shop with unique pieces. The prices are reasonable so you’ll definitely find something you love!

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