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Vintage Earring Hacks!

If you’re like me, then you love vintage earrings especially the large dangle ones that make a statement!  Wearing vintage costume jewelry, especially earrings with clip-ons, can sometimes lead to discomfort or slippage issues. Fear not! Here are two simple yet effective tips to ensure you can rock your vintage clip-on earrings pain-free and without worrying about them slipping off.

1. Earring Cushions

These cushions are like little pillows for your ears. Simply slip them onto the metal part of the earrings, and voila! You can enjoy wearing your favorite vintage pieces without any pain or discomfort. You can slip off and reuse for other earrings too.

2. Double Sided Fashion Tape

I use fashion tape to keep so many things in place so why not earrings?! Cut a piece to the desired size and stick it on both the front and back of your earlobes before clipping your earrings in place. This extra grip ensures your earrings stay put throughout the day, no matter how large or heavy they are.

vintage earrings
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Combine these two handy tips, and you’ll find that your vintage clip-on earrings can stay on comfortably for hours on end, allowing you to make a statement with confidence.

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