Top Tips for Buying Vintage on eBay

Top Tips for Buying Vintage on eBay

Top Tips for Buying Vintage on eBay

If you’re new around here, let me introduce myself: I’m Annette and I’m an eBayaholic. If you’re not new, then you know my best vintage finds are from eBay. It’s where I head when I have a long wish list of items I need to fill my closet, or how I decompress after a long day. I love sharing my finds with you, so I thought why not share my top tips for buy vintage on eBay so you can jump into shopping on one of my favorite platforms.

Top Tips for Buying Vintage on eBay

Specificity Rules.

Identify what item or piece you want and then start your search being as specific as possible.  For example, vintage gunne sax dress floral xs” From there broaden your search as needed, but you’ll be surprised by what you find when searching for really unique items. I also like to set keyword alerts so I’m notified when items are listed using my keywords.

Allocate time.

Alan calls it the black hole of vintage shopping because it sucks me in for hours at a time! Dedicate about 30-60 minutes hunting on eBay, which is what you would do at the flea market or thrift store!


The upside of shopping on eBay is that you know how long an item has been listed for sale.  Use this to your advantage and respectfully ask the seller if they are negotiable on the price!  Use the “make offer” option if the seller has it available and the “buy it now” so you don’t have to bid.

Know your measurements.

Modern and vintage sizing differ so know your measurements before shopping online. Plus, always ask for measurements of a garment before buying.

Thank you for reading.

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