The Best Rattan Pieces for Your Home

the best rattan pieces for your home

Rattan has been around since the 1950s and over the decades, it has had its moment. Currently, you’ll find this versatile material everywhere in home decor stores and quite frankly, you can find a home for it in any room in your house. Below I’m breaking down a few of those rooms and included links for you to shop if you find that a rattan basket is *just* the thing you’ve been missing. Keep scrolling for the best rattan pieces for your home!

Rattan Living Room Furniture

Rattan can be scattered around this room like confetti and you could still add more. Your furniture, like the sofa or coffee table, would look great in this material if you’re going heavy on the boho chic vibes. If you’d like something a little more laid back, a basket for your throws or a base for your lamp would be a nice touch. If you’re looking for the ultimate boho piece, then a rattan peacock chair is it! More often than not, you’ll see it being used as a plant stand and it’s a gorgeous combination with the rich green colors of house plants. 

Rattan Bedroom Furniture

The new ‘it’ item is a rattan bed frame. It offers the entire a room a light and airy vibe, and allows you to play around with the color scheme of your bedding. If you’re not looking to go with that much of the material, I suggest adding a plant with a rattan basket, a rattan chair for a cozy reading nook or maybe something small on the bedside table. Similar to the cabinet for storage in the bathroom, rattan bedside tables will work nicely with certain types of bed frames.

cane bed

Rattan Pieces for the Kitchen

Rattan looks great in the kitchen, especially when you have accent metals like copper or gold. Add it in as a fruit basket, a utensil holder next to the stove or around a vase for flowers on the counter. The key here is to balance it out, as all Rattan can overpower the other parts of your kitchen that you may want to bring attention to. I also love rattan wrapped pitchers and glassware which make for a casual, chic vibe for your dining table.

Rattan Bathroom Accessories

A room where you can get creative with this material, I would choose pieces that are a bit more eclectic. Something like the rings for your shower curtain or a cute shelf on the wall. If you have the room for it, a rattan cabinet would work well here and also provide more of that coveted bathroom storage that we’re always searching for. 

At the end of the day, rattan is durable – both literally and figuratively, as it has stood the test of time. Since it’s a natural material, it is also more sustainable than other materials you may find while furniture shopping. So if you do end up purchasing something, don’t hesitate to pay more for the quality and enjoy it for a long time to come. 

Thank you for reading.

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