Spooky Chic Halloween at Home

spooky chic halloween decor

We did it, we decorated for Halloween on September 6th and I don’t regret it one bit. As you can imagine, the little things really matter to kids so when Harlee asked to decorate for Halloween, my inner summer goddess died a little. I love summer and want to make it last all year but this year it just wasn’t going to happen. So Harlee and I went through our decor, then we hit up Target to get some spooky decor. As an interior stylist, I am SO thankful my child is not into the cheesy Halloween decor. Harlee loves the spooky Halloween aesthetic as I like to call it so we went for it while it was 115 degrees outside!

spooky halloween aesthetic home decor

When decorating for Halloween, I stick to a few spots around the house and go all out. This year, we stuck to the entryway and our dining room. I love having a decorated entryway since it’s the first spot that greets me when I get home and really brightens my mood. The overall aesthetic in the entryway also lends itself for some major holiday moments so I make it work! As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time in the dining room so that’s always a spot that gets the special treatment.

spooky halloween aesthetic

One of the best decorating pieces is this fishnet fabric that works as such a great spooky Halloween aesthetic starter. You can play with the fishnet and I like that it’s a reusable piece that can be thrown on a credenza, table, and even chandelier. I added in some more texture with Spanish Moss (yes, it’s messy but I can’t think about it when it looks so good!). My favorite pieces though are the feathered crows which look so real and as Harlee says “they are so spooky!” If you’re looking for an item that gives you the most bang for your buck, then definitely get a “bag of bones” since you can work all of those bones throughout your decor and they make good filler pieces.

The artwork in the dining room is a vintage portrait I found from the Long Beach Flea Market years ago. Alan and I call her moody girl and she works so well mixed in with the decor. In the entryway, the silhouette is Harlee and it’s one of my most treasured pieces but it’s also perfect for Halloween. I kept our modern sketch in the mix since it worked in the palette plus allowed me to add some spider webs and spiders.

spooky halloween aesthetic

Shop our spooky Halloween aesthetic picks below!

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