Skincare & Beauty Alternatives for Pregnancy

skincare & beauty alternatives during pregnancy

Skincare & Beauty Alternatives for Pregnancy

I thought giving up my wine and high waist jeans were going to be the things I missed most during my pregnancy – I was slightly off.  In addition to a list of foods, drinks, and activities I was told to avoid, my doctor also gave me a list of ingredients I should skip during the rest of my pregnancy. These ingredients make up some of the most effective beauty and skin care products so I was in for a shock when I thought I would have to say bye to awesome skin for the duration of my pregnancy. But then I started thinking about the products and ingredients that we do put on our bodies and I was convinced I would turn this into a positive and rethink my beauty regime. At the end of the day, I want great skin but more importantly a healthy and happy baby so I started researching safe for pregnancy beauty and skin care alternatives. I was happy to find so many great products that are all-natural yet just as effective as the chemical infused products.  The great part? They are good for my skin and non-toxic to my baby. 

Jump over to the Dermstore blog to see all my skincare and beauty picks and to learn a little bit more about all natural products that are effective and gentle!



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