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Working with a variety of patterns in prints is an art form when it comes to our wardrobe and home.

Some patterns work well together and come naturally to most of us (e.g. florals and stripes), but working with other patterns takes a bit of a leap.  One of my favorite combinations I have seen was at the Greystone Mansion Showcase and there was a mix of every one of these prints in a single room.  Surprisingly, it was understated (for moi!) and it worked in the lady’s boudoir.  It inspired me to be more adventurous when it comes to the frocks hanging in my closet and decor decorating my pad.  But first, the basics of prints!  This is a roundup of my favorite prints with which to decorate, plus a little clarification since there is sometimes confusion deciphering the names and patterns of prints.  I hope this serves as a little guide, plus help inspire you to try new prints.  Find more prints and inspiration here.

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