Picnic Season

In Los Angeles it’s really picnic season all year round, but the summer months are defined by get togethers, summer water, and delectable bites.  I think the last year has been a blessing since we’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors with no strings attached. Trust me, I miss the wine tastings at Barnsdall Park and beachfront brunch with family, but it’s nice to take a moment and really enjoy the space and moment when outdoors.

Here are some of the picnics I’m planning this summer and I think you should too:

Picnic with kids at the beach. This is seriously the cheapest and easiest outing with kids because it doesn’t have to complicated. Prepare sandwiches and lots of finger foods that you can put out on a larger tray. Let kids and adults dive in.

Date night picnic with my honey. In the early days of our relationship, Alan and I went out almost every night and we did a lot of picnics throughout LA. Most of them were hosted wine tastings or concerts but it was such an easy way to explore our city, get outside and really enjoy each other’s company without the restaurant noise.

Bonfire picnic at the beach with friends. This is something I’ve been doing with friends since High School Swim Team! It’s so much fun and a picnic you can enjoy all year long in Los Angeles.

Group outing with outdoor concerts and a picnic. In Pasadena, there is a plethora of free summer programming including a robust concert series held in various city parks.

What to Pack

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