Now and Forever Heirlooms by Marrow Fine

marrow fine custom ring

Jewelry has always been sentimental for me. From the gold and ruby earrings to the amethyst ring my grandmother gave me for various milestones, I love jewelry for its sentimental value, not because of the brand or even material value. Today, I love to shop for pieces that I will wear now and pass down to Harlee or my nieces in the future – it’s just more special that way.

Enter Jillian Sassone of Marrow Fine. About a year ago, I discovered her on Instagram and immediately fell in love with every single one of her designs. I kept telling myself, I had to invest in one of her pieces because I could tell just through her videos and pictures that she puts her heart and soul into every ring she designs.

One of the heirloom pieces that had been sitting in my jewelry box was an art deco sapphire ring that was my grandmother’s and then my mother’s before being gifted to me. I love the ring, but even vintage loving me couldn’t love the design. Plus, I wanted to wear the ring every single day and the high profile setting had put a crack in the stone so I was nervous to even take it out of my jewelry box. Earlier this year, I had that ah-ha moment and knew that Jillian had to design a new ring with this special heirloom sapphire that I could wear every single day.

Jillian and I chatted a couple of times so she could learn more about what I liked (and didn’t like). Even though I haven’t met Jillian in person, our first call was as if we had known each other forever. She understood my style, my love for jewelry, and really listened to how important this ring was to me. The final design is something I can wear as a right and left hand ring, plus it matches my vintage turquoise pinky ring and my ultra modern looking engagement ring. The design is low profile which protects the heirloom stone and has the most beautiful art deco detailing on the side of the ring. Blue/green sapphires were added as the headdress and mini diamonds hug the bottom of my heirloom sapphire. The only time I don’t wear this ring is when I’m in the shower or sleeping; otherwise, it’s permanently affixed to my finger.

marrow fine ring

I literally stare at this ring every single day and it brings a huge smile to my face. It reminds me of my grandmother Rose with whom I was so close, plus my mom who is one of my biggest supporters in everything I do. I like to think this ring as the “glamorous bad ass woman’s ring” which basically describes me, my mom, and my grandmother.

I have about 3 more rings that I want Jillian to either rework or design custom for me – this girl’s got 7 fingers left that need some sparkle.

Thank you for reading.

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