Modern Boho Interiors

modern boho living room

When it comes to decorating boho style, it can seem a bit overwhelming for those who are minimalists.  A lot of boho spaces are full of colors, layered with textiles and rugs, and brimming with plants – essentially the bane of a modernist’s existence!  However, boho doesn’t have to be excessive to work or to look good.  Modern boho interiors have been popping up everywhere because they offer a worldly and traveled feel but without feeling overwhelming.  By styling modernist pieces with these signature boho pieces, your space will have a curated and contemporary feel.

Modern Boho Interiors

modern boho living room

This living room is a great example of marrying a contemporary with bohemian. The coffee table is quite simple but finished in a raw wood, while the contemporary sofa is adorned with a mix of faux fur and ethnic pillows.

amber interiors bedroom

A vintage rug is usually a good starting point for integrating some boho to a modern space. This bedroom features mudcloth and indigo pillow in a crisp white room.

Scandinavian boho

Danish modern meets boho? Yup, you read it here folks! Clean, modern furniture lends itself to the eclectic personality of bohemian style.

Amber Interiors modern boho

In this living room, indigo and mudcloth pillows along with rattan stools break up the neutral color palate and make the space a bit more relaxed and welcoming.

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