Krakow: The Pigeons of Market Square

Long ago Poland was divided into many lands, cities, and towns.  Henry IV, a Polish Prince residing in Krakow, decided to try and become the king of all of the Polish lands, but he needed gold to help him travel to Rome and meet with the Pope. And so, the Prince contacted a witch, who bargained that she would loan him gold to help him arrive in Rome and to meet with the Pope, but he would have to return a King.  The witch also turned the Prince’s knights into pigeons, so they could not escort him on his long journey.  The Prince agreed and left Krakow, leaving his knights-pigeons behind. However, the Krakow Prince never arrived  in Rome as he spent all of his gold in various cities and towns building alliances. The Prince never returned to Krakow and could not meet the bargain with the witch. And so, the Prince’s pigeon knights are still waiting for their king on the Main Square…


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