Krakow: The Beautiful

Alan and I were lucky to spend 3 days in Krakow, Poland this week. Krakow is yet another beautiful Eastern European city, but the people make it so much more special.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, is so pleasant and kind that they make the city so much more enjoyable.  This did take us awhile to realize. Alan and I arrived in Krakow at 6:00AM and wandered through the city square. It was empty, except for a few bars that were open, catering to the early morning drinkers (alcohol, not coffee).  Nothing opens until much later, around 9:00 or 10:00AM.  At this point, I was regretting leaving Prague, for gloomy and empty Krakow.  By later morning though, the city square and the city itself were something different.  The Krakowians were out and about – the city square was packed with people.  What I loved about Krakow was the eclectic mix of people that make up the city. Krakow is a College town so there are lots of students, in addition to families, businesspeople, and seniors. All of the Krakowians take so much pride in their city and will go above and beyond to make sure travelers have a great trip. They do this because they wants to and care to, not because they rely on it – this makes their hospitality so genuine.  I fell in love with Krakow and the people of Krakow and was very sad to leave this wonderful city behind. Here are some pictures of Krakow at dusk.

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