Krakow: Studio Quilinare

Alan and I love taking recommendations from locals on places to see and eat when we travel.  The girl who manages the apartments we are staying in recommended a brand new restaurant in the Jewish Quarter – Studio Quilinare.  As soon as we entered the garden (terrace/patio) we knew we would love this place.  We had the sweetest waitress, who barely spoke English and as we learned later was starting her 2nd day of work as a waitress.  After we finished a wonderful bottle of Rose we thought we told her that the wine was great, but she heard we want another bottle, so we got another bottle of Rose.  Although she was a brand new waitress, no one had bothered to show her how to open a bottle of wine, so she accidentally pushed the cork into the bottle, instead of out.  The restauranteur of the restaurant immediately rushed to apologize to us – fortunately for the young waitress, it was Alan and I who were her first American customers.  It turned out that we were the first American/foreign customers at the restaurant. Alan and I gave the restauranteur a crisp $1 bill since it’s an American tradition to frame the earned dollar.  The restauranteur was so gracious that she gave us an alcohol infused dessert for free.  By the time we left dinner, we had consumed 2 bottles of Rose and 2 alcoholic desserts. Here are some pictures of the entrance and garden, and the aftermath of the restauranteur’s generosity…

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