How to Clean Diamond & Gemstone Rings 💎

Easiest way to get your bling ✨ to sparkle? A little dish soap and a toothbrush. I’m always cleaning up my finds from the flea market or looking to get my diamond and gemstone rings a little more sparkly when they’ve lost their shine and this method works wonders. Find the step by step below to learn how to clean diamond & gemstone rings! 

Step 1. 

Grab all of your diamond and gemstone rings that haven’t been cleaned in 2+ months, that are looking a little dull or that you recently purchased secondhand. It’s always best to do a big clean all at once so that when it comes time to clean them up again, you know exactly how many need cleaning and approximately how long it takes to do. This only takes me 5-10 minutes to do and it has such a big pay off in the end. 

Step 2.

Grab your supplies. You’ll need a gentle dish soap (I use Seventh Generation), a soft toothbrush (make sure the bristles are actually soft), a soft towel and a sink nearby. I’ve heard that you can use toothpaste or windex, but I find that using gentle dish soap works for me, plus many of the jewelers I know recommend this method most.

Step 3.

Add a small pump of gentle dish soap to the bristles of your soft toothbrush and then scrub the ring gently, including behind the stone where dust, lotions, and soap collect. Take your time and get in between all the settings and around the ring itself. 

Step 4.

Rinse with warm water and lay on a soft cloth or towel to dry. I typically leave mine to dry for a couple hours, but if you do this right before bed then you’re going to wake up with shiny bling to put on right before walking out the door. 

If you’re more of a visual learner, I created a reel of this process here. The rings in the video are @perezbitan @marrowfine & custom!

Thank you for reading.

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