3 Ways to Simplify Travel Home Days

Let’s face it, as much as I love traveling, I hate the journey back home and dealing with the reality of life that faces me when I walk through the door. Over the years, however,  I’ve figured out 3 ways to simplify the travel home day and actually turn it into a positive experience that I look forward to!

3 Ways to Simplify Travel Home Days

1. Arrive home in the morning or early afternoon.
I love coming home and still having time to unpack, start laundry and simply adjust to the time difference! This way I get all of my work out of the way and then I finally crash at my typical bedtime and avoid the jetlag and crash that is inevitable. This allows me to start my morning at my typical wake up time and try to adjust quickly. It works really well for kids too and just gets us all on our normal time and routine quicker. 

2. Clean up and do laundry BEFORE I leave. 
There are a million things to accomplish before traveling, but I always make it a point to tidy up our home and wash sheets and towels. Is there anything better than crawling into fresh bedding after an exhausting day? I think not! Which is why it’s even better when you’re tired from traveling and cozying up in clean sheets! I love these organic percale sheets which stay crisp wash after wash. They feel like hotel bedding but better! Before crawling into bed, I spritz this on my sheets and pillows and I’m guaranteed the best sleep ever!

3. Order Grocery and Essentials Delivery using my Walmart+ membership

This is the most important one for me. I loathe coming home to an empty pantry and fridge after traveling all day. I just want to feed myself and family, plus enjoy a glass of wine while we catch up about our trip! (Yes, you can get vino delivered!) That’s why I plan ahead and order free grocery delivery from Walmart using my Walmart+ membership before we leave the airport. That way by the time we’re home and unpacking our groceries are delivered ($35 order min. Restrictions apply)! It’s as easy as adding to cart, selecting delivery and everything is delivered before I know it and all at the same prices as in store. It’s just so convenient and of course I always need an extra thing or two like this tee (my fave) and hair tools (I have never left a hotel without leaving behind a curling iron ughh). 

Thank you for reading.

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