Sun Basket

Alan and I enjoy making dinner. It’s a routine that we established early in our relationship and still keep it up today. We talk about the day’s events, sip on wine, and enjoy the process.  Ever since Miss Harlee was … Continue reading

Ultimate Guide to Vintage Glassware

The markings, color, shape, and other details all play a part in understanding the history and value of glassware. By knowing what to look for, you’ll know when to splurge on a valuable piece of glassware to add to your collection. Continue reading

Vintage, Maternity Style

I recently had a reader (let’s call her Jane) email me and ask, “Do you think I can pull off vintage when pregnant? What do I wear?” My answer was yes and yes even though I have no idea what … Continue reading

Boho Spring

I recently spent some time at Crossroads Trading in lieu of my usual haunts to do some shopping.  It’s been a while since I went shopping (hello pregnancy & Harlee!), so I needed a good shopping haul to refresh  my … Continue reading

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