This is 35

Welp! It’s here! I don’t know how, but I’m 35 and it feels real and unreal at the same time. I’m not one to get bogged down by a number because it doesn’t really matter if I’m 35, 23 or … Continue reading

Sweater Weather

After last week’s rain storm, I know one thing for sure…I need sunshine! I’m so glad we had so much rain as it’s helped resolve some of the drought issue we had, but no sun for nearly 6 days put … Continue reading

Harlee’s Unicorn Theme Party

Atam Hatik Party You must be thinking, what is an “atam hatik” and how do I get one!? The atam hatik is a centuries old Armenian tradition that celebrates the appearance of the baby’s first tooth.  The “atam” means “tooth” … Continue reading

Vintage Oscar de la Renta

On a recent plunge into the black hole (aka searching on eBay), I came across a cute Oscar de la Renta two piece set for under $50 – score! It’s a perfect for summer, but I was so eager to … Continue reading