#villagolightly and Vintage Shopping in Palm Springs

I had the pleasure of spending the long weekend in Palm Springs for Modernism Week and got an exclusive first peek at VillaGolightly. I did a bit of vintage shopping, but mostly I ooohed and ahhhhed at the many rooms at … Continue reading

How to Style a Turtleneck with a Dress

The poor turtleneck has had a bad rep since the yuppies took it over in the 80s and 90s. But fortunately, now in 2017, it’s totally cool to wear it again. I’m a big fan of it paired under a … Continue reading

A Tropical Champagne and Sweets Brunch

A Tropical Champagne and Sweets Brunch   Beverly Hills What A Thrill! If this does not bring on some major Troop Beverly Hills memories, then we can’t be friends! I kid (only a little)! Growing up, it was one of … Continue reading

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Vintage Gingham Dress

This dress is the reason why you need a vintage gingham dress for spring.  My friend Jenny bought this from Shareen Vintage years ago and gave it to me last summer. It fits me perfectly and seriously looks good with any … Continue reading

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