Vintage Shopping

{Shopping for blouses at JetRag}
{Still searching for that perfect blouse}
{Vintage luggage at JetRag}
{Moving on to dresses at JetRag}
{70s mini dress that I took home with me + boys beware at Shareen}
{50s bridal gown Shareen had me try on – I think she sensed an engagement on the way!}
After Beth and I met we knew instantly that we wanted to do a second collaboration centered around vintage shopping.  A few weeks ago, I went shopping for vintage at a couple of my favorite spots (Jet Rag and Shareen Vintage) with my friend Jenny. Beth came along, but she stricly stayed behind the camera, and let Jenny and I do our thing when shopping.  I love shopping with Jenny since it turns into an adventure to find the most fabulous and unique pieces, but it also gives us a chance to bond – what’s not to love about that? Jenny and I are “sole mates” (get it?) when it comes to shopping, amongst many other things, so we can shop and hang out all day without driving each other nuts.  
I love shopping at vintage stores for a few reasons.  As a petite woman, modern sizing runs big and always requires some sort of alteration.  Vintage clothing, on the other hand, fits my petite frame perfectly and rarely requires alterations.  A vintage size 6 or 8, fits a modern day 00! Also, the quality of materials and craftsmanship of vintage clothing is second to none, at a much lower cost.  My mom has kept many of her on-trend pieces from the 70s and still wears them to this day! Finally, as much as I love new trends, I hate to run into another woman is wearing my same outfit.  Sure, it’s a pat on the back that I have great taste, but it makes me feel like my individuality has been lost in the trend.  Vintage pieces are unique and generally on-trend, so I get to enjoy the current trend but with my own distinctive pieces that no one else is sure to have.  
Vintage and thrift shopping can be exhausting since you have to go through many racks and sometimes boxes of items to find that one jewel piece.  Ever since I started shopping at thrift stores when I was in high school, I developed a list of items to purchase and not to purchase second hand, which keeps me focused.  This list comes in handy at even the smallest of stores that are well-curated.  
Items to buy second-hand:
– Tops: silk blend shirts/blouses and wool blend sweaters are your best bet
– Dresses: whatever style you like and if the material does not bother you, then buy it
– Skirts: wool blend pencil skirts and leather skirts (you can find fabulous leather skirts in a variety of styles for generally around $20-$50)
– Blazers: herringbone and wool blend are your best bet
– Belt: much like dresses, buy what fits you
– Jewelry: looks for pieces that fit your personality and hope it is steal (my vintage Whiting & Davis snake coil bracelet was purchased at Salvation Army for $8 – these generally run $200 on eBay)
– Handbags: clutches and saddle bags are your best bet. Do not spend more than $20 on any bag at your local vintage store, unless the store can verify its authenticity.  For example, there are many fake Chanel bags that are given that vintage look that are sold at privately owned thrift stores for hundreds of dollars, without the shop owner knowing it is fake or not.
Avoid purchasing the following items:
– Shoes: unless it is a fabulous pair of Louboutins that are barely worn,  buying worn shoes can cause extensive back and foot pain – not worth it
– Make-up & perfume: I can’t believe that so many women do buy these items used – I think it’s a major no.
– Hats: when was the last time you deep cleaned your hat? exactly, avoid. 
After a full day spent shopping, I did walk away with some beauties – 6 to be exact and the total was less than $300.  I picked up a patterned silk blouse, black leather pencil skirt, red peplum dress, 70s mini dress (above), silk floral dress, and a black lace gown with the most beautiful neckline.  Stay tuned for pictures of all these items.  Also, since Beth didn’t get to have fund shopping, I’m going to drag her back to all these spots so we can shop for her.
I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll be adding a vintage shopping resource page on my blog very soon to help you in your shopping adventures!
xo Annette 


  1. October 10, 2012 / 2:00 am

    I love vintage shopping! It's so fun! That 50's wedding dress looks so pretty on you. I usually have the opposite problem with vintage where it doesn't fit my gigantic bosom. LOL. But I seem to find some anyway. 🙂 <3toni

  2. October 10, 2012 / 8:58 am

    you definitely rock your vintage dresses – you know exactly what works for you and the dresses look fab on you. i've come to accept my lack of curves (aka bosom) at least it works in my favor when vintage shopping. lol

  3. October 10, 2012 / 9:26 am

    great photos of vintage shopping! I love going to find "new" pieces. And that wedding gown is lovely on you! Totally a huge sign huh?! =)xo,nancy

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