Thrill of the Thrift: Laurie Brucker


In the vast sprawl of Los Angeles, the city can be quite small.  Laurie and I followed each other on instagram before we even met; we actually followed each other without knowing we knew the same people. Oh, Los Angeles, how you like to play silly games with us fashion girls.

When we met, I knew Laurie was my type of lady.  She’s one of Los Angeles’ top stylists, she loves thrifting, and is always happy to toast to a glass of champagne.  Perfect gal to call a friend, right?

Laurie and I decided to hit up some vintage shops in the Los Feliz area after lunch one day and we came across some fabulous treasures, plus had some fun meowdy-ing around.  Yes, I just made up that word.  We stopped by Meowdy which has a great selection of vintage dresses, glassware, belts galore, and some really fun cat stuff.

laurie meowdylaurie 3

Much like myself, Laurie loves to mix on-trend with vintage pieces on a daily basis.  She especially loves to play with vintage belts and accessories to transform an everyday look, without looking boring.

laurie 1 laurie 5

Read on, and find out what Laurie loves about the Thrill of the Thrift!

What vintage item do you love to shop for?   I am an accessories fiend.  I love vintage accessories,  necklaces, bangles,  baubles, trinkets, and of course Belts!    I think that vintage in general feels one of a kind, especially in jewelry.  So when you find that very special piece, it becomes a more powerful statement in your overall look.  It’s uniqueness gives off an essence of creative and eclectic style, which I love for representing my own look as well as for my individual styling clients.   Being different is what makes us fabulous, why not have one of a kind jewelry to enhance that?

What is your best vintage find?  This is so hard for me to answer because I love every single piece that I own so very much.  If we are talking value, I have a silk Yves Saint Laurent Scarf that I picked up, unbeknownst to me in a $5 scarf bin in New York City back in 2006.  It wasn’t until I got home to examine all my treasures for the day when I realized what I had!  It’s still one of my favorite scarves that gets worn as a turban, a handbag accessory, a belt, a knotted necklace and braided into my hair.  It’s the ultimate!

What does the thrill of the thrift mean to you?  The thrill of the thrift to me is that feeling you get when you have found the absolutely most perfect, amazing, need to have, you cannot pass up piece.   It’s almost like a high.  The best high ever.  A shopping high.  Okay, let’s go shopping.  ;p

vintage meowdymeowdy vintage 1

Please share your thrift and vintage finds with me by using #thrillofthethrift!



  1. March 22, 2014 / 6:51 pm

    LOVE this post! We have to go back and get me some cat stuff ;p

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