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I wish I could say inspiration and creativity come easy, but it’s not always the case.  It sometimes takes effort, time, and exploration – it is a bit of a journey for me with a creative product as the end goal.  Other times, there are what seems like millions of inspired ideas and creativity firing away in my mind.  Regardless of how I get these ideas, it’s thanks to my daily ritual, which just unfolds without much thought.  One of my favorite things to do is to go on walks in my city, Pasadena, which is filled with picturesque passageways, historic buildings, and delicious cafes.  These walks happen before work, mid-workout, or a way to decompress after work depending on the day but it’s something I do every. single. day.  I usually stop in for a cup of coffee after my walk and just let my mind drift.  This is where the magic happens as they say.  It’s a ritual that I have followed nearly my entire life and never lets me down.

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In preparation for New York Fashion Week, I stuck to this routine and took my daily walks and topped it off with a coffee.  This ritual on it’s own seems so New York (and less LA), but it definitely inspired my outfits and my mood for the trip.  I arrived in New York last week and explored the city with Alan before Fashion Week kicked off.  On my latest walk, I thought of French Jazz and it inspired me to look into French restaurants for dinners with Alan and my blogger gal pals, live music venues, and vintage Parisian streetstyle.  The cold weather threw a bit of a monkey wrench into outfits, but I was ready to step into NYFW. Be sure to watch some of Fashion Week’s top designers as they share about staying inspired.  What do you do to stay inspired?

valentino coat

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