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I love and hate my hair for the same reason: it’s very thick, there’s lots of it, and it’s super textured.  My fine haired friends tell me I’m crazy, but when it comes to quick hair how-tos, there’s not much to help me out! For example, those great tutorials to braid wet hair and wake up with pretty waves leaves me with frizzy, crazy, damp hair resembling Simba! My hair needs some heat to lock in shine, reduce frizz, and to give it waves or curls.  After trial and error, I’ve found an easy and quick way to get messy waves without a lot of heat.  A few have asked how to get my waves, so here’s my first messy waves tutorial.

This routine takes me about 20 minutes which is quick (my thick hair friends can attest to this).  It has also helped me grow out healthy hair so I can donate it at the end of the month since I don’t apply the heat of a flat or curling iron.

Step 1: Start with hair that is 75% dry. This will cut down on drying time, plus it won’t require as much heat to smooth out the hair.  Work in a shine and heat protector serum from the tips to mid section of hair.

Step 2: Clip hair into sections on top of your head and start with the bottom layer.

step 1

Step 3: Set the dryer to high heat, medium power and using a round brush smooth out the hair in 2-3in sections.

Step 4: Using the round brush, start to twist the hair while applying some heat.

step 2

Step 5: Continue until you have twirled all of the bottom sections.  When twisting/twirling sections of hair, be sure to twist away from your face so the waves go out and not in your face. Each layer should have about 3-4 twists.

Step 6:  Continue with the other sections of hair. I usually do this in 4 sections.

step 3

Step 7: To give the front some volume, I blow out away from the face.

Step 8: Then I twirl each front section like the rest of my hair.

step 4

Step 9: Brush out the twists using your fingers.

Step 10: Finish with a gloss.  I use the sculpting brush to reduce flyaways and lock in shine.

step 5

Products & Tools Used:

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner, Sculpting Brush, Triple Rescue Spray and Super Skinny Serum c/o // Ibiza Hairdryer // Marylin Double S Pro Brush

paul mitchell hair

For you ladies with hair like mine, do you have any recommendations?

curling thick textured frizzy hair

This post brought to you in collaboration with Paul Mitchell.  I am a Paul Mitchell Insider, however all opinions expressed herein are my own. 


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