How to Peony Bouquet

peony bouquet

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Farmers’ markets, flower shops, and local stores fill up with vast assortments of peonies.  As quickly as the peony splendor takes over the month of May, it sadly dissipates as June rolls around.  Every couple of days, I hit the store and pick up a couple of bouquets of peonies to decorate the house.  I also pick up some extra to create bouquets for hostess, birthday, and graduation gifts.  Instead of getting a generic florist designed bouquet, I design my own bouquet of peonies; it is a perfectly unique and handmade surprise.

diy peony bouquet steps

What you need:  String, 1-2 yards of ribbon, shears, and 5-10 stems of peonies (two and three colors colors work best).

How to Peony Bouquet Steps:

1. Condition the flowers: re-cut stems and place in a bucket of cold water overnight.  You can skip this step if you’re making a bouquet to gift same day.


2. Remove most of the leaves. Keep the leaves that are towards the top of the stem.


3.Take two peonies and place in your hand.

pink peonies

4. As you add groups of flowers, turn the bouquet and you’ll see the stems spiral.

peonies bouquet

5. When the bouquet looks good to you, tie secure with string.

peony bouquet

6. Tie ribbon over the string.

diy peony bouquet


7. Gift the bouquet!


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