How to Buy Designer Shoes on Clearance

designer heel clearance sale

I still remember the first pair of designer heels I bought: grey Prada pumps that I wore for my first corporate job. They lasted for years (6 to be exact) and I remember feeling like I could run a mile in them. Since then, I always invested in designer heels for a few reasons: they are more comfortable, better made, and will last you for years if you take good care of them. Although they cost a pretty penny, I never buy at retail price. I always buy on sale and I always opt for more of a statement heel. I really have an amazing shoe closet filled to the brim of unique heels that my friend Elizabeth asked me if I owned any simple pumps…I do! Why statement heels you ask? Because they go with everything! Whether you love dressing up a simple outfit or love mixing prints, statement heels are the sure way to pull together a stylish outfit.

How to Buy Designer Shoes on Clearance

Search trendy, yet classic. The trick is to find unique, statement heels in a classic shape. The classic nude sandal or black pump generally doesn’t go on sale. But a neon pink strappy sandal or leopard print suede pump will!

Patience is key. I like to favorite and track designer heels that are on my want list using Shopstyle. I can search by designer, favorite specific items, and then opt to get notified when a specific item or even brand goes on sale.  Check out some of the items on my wish list below.

Wait for bi-annual sales. The best time to buy items are during the two big bi-annual sales in May/June and November/December at most retail and department stores. If you live in a location that has Saks, Barneys, Jimmy Choo, and the like, then hit up the sale sections as soon as the 50% off sales are advertised. If you wait until January and July, then you can snag additional markdowns.

Shop off-season. You’re inclination may be to shop for boots during the dead of winter, but you’ll get the best deals if you wait until Spring or Summer. If it’s truly a piece you need and want, then you’ll wear it for years to come so shop in the off season to get the best deals.

Hit up consignment shops. Consignment shops are popping up everywhere and they are full of designer treasures. You can find a perfect pair of designer heels for $150-200 price range. No offense to Steve Madden, but I’d rather spend my $150 on a pair of AMAZING Jimmy Choos. My favorite online consignment is The Real Real.

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