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I bought these dancing heels years ago because I wanted Penny’s shoes from Dirty Dancing. I can’t be the only woman who watched Dirty Dancing over and over and obsessed over the fashion! The silver dancing heels were it for me and when Alan and I took ballroom dancing lessons, I bought a similar pair.  Well, I still wanted a pair that I could wear out and the search continued until I saw these at the Dior outlet and were only $120 so I had to buy them! I wore them religiously that first year and then put them in a box and away for the last 8 years. I recently pulled them out and they look so good with my vintage Levi’s, right?

If this post teaches you anything, it’s that you should always hold on to designer pieces (especially classics) and there’s nothing quite like pulling together glam statement heels with gold old vintage Levi’s.  Although I may not be doing any dancing in these heels, they will forever be my dancing heels!

Wearing: vintage silk blouse, vintage Levi’s, Christian Dior heels, thrifted basket bag

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