Bump, Bach, and The Beach Boys

playing music at home

Music is a big part of Alan’s and my life; we have music playing in the house 24/7. Every time friends come over they comment how eclectic our music interest since we play everything from classical, indie rock, surf rock, to 80s dance music.  We also vary between our stereophonic (yup, it still works and those are built in speakers in our credenza) and the wireless Sonos whether we’re playing old school vinyl or streaming.  As soon as I got pregnant, I thought this baby is going to either be musically inclined or confused by all of musical variety!

I recently started using BellyBuds since the baby’s hearing develops in utero at about 20 weeks and memories begin at 30 weeks!  Amazing right? BellyBuds consist of bellyphones that adhere to my growing belly so I can play special tunes for the baby at home or on the go. Yes, that includes music while at Trader Joe’s!  I easily plug my BellyBuds into my iPhone and stream music for about an hour at a time. It’s become one of my favorite things to do – lounge on the sofa, read a book, and just relax and let the bump soak in the music.  It’s a really easy, yet special way to bond with the baby.  What’s bump digging on the music scene as of late? Bump really responds to Bach and The Beach Boys! It is a non-stop dance party when either is playing!  It’s an interesting mix, but I guess this baby is going to be musically inclined! I can’t wait to play the same tunes when the baby is born and I hope it will help calm nerves (for baby and us!) when the going gets tough at 3AM.  I also wonder if the baby will still enjoy dancing to Bach and The Beach Boys when he/she is born! I definitely foresee Friday evenings at home playing records and a Loomis dance party.

belly buds 2 belly budsDSC_0223 copy

I was gifted with BellyBuds, but all opinions expressed are my own. 

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