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perfect browsGetting the best brows ever is easy if you get a bit of professional help, practice patience, and stick to a tried and true 4 step process.  As an Armenian woman, you could say that I’m blessed with awesome brows.  That is true, but my brows seemed to get the major trimming and thinning treatment about 4 years ago and started resembling Marlene Dietrich brows; the super wispy look does nothing for me. Fortunately, right after moving to Pasadena, I was lucky to find Zoey van Jones – my brow savior! Zoey owns a great brow studio in Pasadena and is seriously the brow master.  Working with her, I was able to grow my brows back to their full splendor (in about 4 months) and have been able to maintain these beauties since.  In addition to running a fabulous brow studio, Zoey launched her own line of brow products available at Birchbox (#girlboss), plus set up a cool mini studio at the New York flagship store right before the holidays to share her brow techniques with the masses.  

best brows ever

The number one beauty question I’m asked is all about my brows.  I’m happy to share my secret: monthly visits to Zoey and a few simple steps at home.  Follow these steps below to help maintain great brows in between appointments, just like I do, and leave the waxing and trimming to the pro.

Step 1 Mark/Fill.  Using a pencil or powder, mark and fill in your brows.  This helps identify what’s staying and what’s coming off.  Even if you’re doing a bit of maintenance tweezing, ALWAYS tweeze when your brows are filled in so you don’t accidentally pull out any hairs that define your brow shape.

how to fill in brows

Step 2 Tweeze. Using a good quality tweezer, pull out any fine hairs. I love these tweezers as they have a refined, narrow blade that grips even the finest hair. That ensures I only take off those pesky fine hairs that pop up.

brows 5

Step 3 Fill In.  Use a duo-shade powder – this is super important!  Apply the darker color below the brow followed by the light powder applied above to help mimic the way light naturally falls on to the brow. The darker shade can be used to amplify the tail of the brow and the lighter shade can be used on the bridge keeping the front soft. Utilize the contrasting colors to blend that perfect in between shade to match your own brow color.  If needed, use a brow pencil to add a bit of definition and follow with brow gel.

Step 4 Brighten. Using the duo brow highlighter, apply two dots of the illuminating shimmer pencil under the arch of the brow and blend for an instant brow lift.  This helps define and highlight the entire eye area. Hello, bright eyes!

perfect brows

Photos by Justin Truong

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