5 Vintage Inspired Piece to Buy New

vintage style outfits

In addition to “where did you find that vintage piece?” the other most commonly asked question I get is “where can I find a modern knock off of that vintage piece?” All modern fashion and style are inspired by vintage design so modern knock offs are available.  Like everything in life, I have my favorites so I’m sharing those with you.

vintage jumpsuit

1. Jumpsuit

I like to say jumpsuits are the new dresses.  A jumpsuit in a luxe fabric can be black tie ready with a few accessories, plus you can dress down a knit jumpsuit with booties.  Don’t buy just one, get a few!

See my vintage jumpsuit styled here.  Shop similar jumpsuits here.


how to style an oversized blazer

2. Oversized Blazer

Oh how I love an oversized blazer! Not only does it look great draped over a dress, but it makes for a great top when you cinch it in the waist with a belt. So good, right?

See my vintage blazer styled here. Shop similar blazers here.


vintage flare jeans

3. Flare or Wide Leg Pants

If you’re searching for flattering and versatile pants, flares and wide leg are #amazeballs! If they come in a high-waist, even better. Tuck in a striped tee and you’re set to go!  Although cotton blend pants are most versatile, I love the new trend of suede and velvet pants.

See how I styled my vintage flares here. Shop similar pants here.


vintage mini dress

4. Mini Dress

A mini dress is one of my favorite pieces to buy vintage because I wear them all the time. When shopping for a new piece, I love Self Portrait dresses because they have the feminine allure of vintage pieces, but they are modern pieces you’ll wear over and over again.

See how I styled this vintage mini dress here. Shop similar dresses here.



5. Striped Tee

This is a given! A striped tee is a classic, has always been a classic and will always be a classic.  I prefer a striped tee in tissue soft turtleneck. I love layering it under a chunky sweater or blazer and tucked into a leather skirt for a crisp look.

See how I styled this striped turtleneck here. Shop similar tees here.



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