2015 Goals

annette vartanian

For those of you who have followed me from the beginning and those of you who just discovered AVS, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  When I first started blogging, I showcased my love of fashion and since then I’ve included other aspects of my life with you – and you have welcomed it with open arms. I thank you for letting me share more of what inspires me and connecting with you on a deeper level.  I look forward to sharing new posts, while staying true to my love of vintage splendor and modern chic in all aspects of my life.  With that said, my mantra for 2015 is going to be one of my life anthem but I’m going to laser focus on it this year:

“Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” -Epicurus

Now for my goals for 2015 (plus some things I’m excited about since that’s always fun):

1. Approach the world through the eyes of my 2 year old niece, Victoria Rose.  Victoria approaches new things and experiences with eagerness and curiosity.  She also focuses on that one experience, learns about it, and enjoys it.  She doesn’t get distracted by the million other things happening in that one moment. 

2. Style a magazine shoot.  I love when a brand or a client asks me to style a party or space for them.  I would love to make a bigger splash this year and style for a digital or print magazine!

3. Get help! Let’s face it, we all need help and I’m guilty of always doing things myself to avoid explaining or asking for help.  When I’m frustrated or overworked and Alan, my sisters or a friend asks to help, I’m going to say yes! With that said, I’m going to look to hire an assistant to help sort out and manage my freelance gigs.  

4. Collaborate with friends and creatives.  One of my favorite things about blogging and my day job(s) (Gallery Director and now Digital Marketing Manager) is working with some of the most creative people.  I want to do more collaborating in 2015. 

5. Welcoming two kiddos (a nephew in February and a second baby for my brother and sister in law in June).  Nothing is quite as rewarding as being an Aunt and I take the job seriously – spoil and teach about the important things in life such as laughing, pigging out on strawberry ice cream and pop corn, and being comfortable in your own skin. 

6. When making decisions, I will focus on the lifestyle I want foremost.  We generally make decisions based on job, money, location, and other factors, but I will be approaching life decisions based on the lifestyle it will bring about and whether or not it fits into the life Alan and I have planned out. 

7. Take a picture every day at the same time and make a book of it.

8. Plan a weekend getaway every month.  Alan and I went on road trips and getaways every month our first year of dating. I want to bring this back!   

9. Plan our living abroad strategy.  Alan and I both want to live oversees for a short period of time (6 month to 1 year) and this year is the perfect time to start planning it out.

10. Find that baby chi.  Alan and I are thinking about expanding our family and although it is exciting to think about, I’m anxious!  I need to find that chi before we get any positive news!


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