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I love shopping at vintage stores for a few reasons.  The main being the Thrill of the Thrift – the thrill of finding a designer gem in a sea of polyester or a statement piece that makes guests in your home go ga-ga! The quality of materials and craftsmanship of vintage clothing and decor is second to none and at a much lower cost.  As much as I love new trends, I hate to run into another woman is wearing my same outfit – I want to avoid a #BitchStoleMyLook moment at all costs!  Sure, it’s a pat on the back that I have great taste, but it makes me feel like my individuality has been lost in the trend.  Vintage pieces are unique and generally on-trend, so I get to enjoy the current trend but with my own distinctive pieces that no one else is sure to have.  When it comes to furniture, vintage is the way to go in my opinion.  Again, I love to add personality and an eclectic vibe at home which is easily achievable through shopping at vintage and thrift stores.  Remember that episode of friends with Phoebe and Rachael decorating their pad? Well, it may be easy to buy a room to go from a major chain, but hunting for unique pieces is much more thrilling!

Many of you have asked that I put together a Thrift & Vintage Shopping Guide, plus some helpful hints to get you started. If you ever have questions, please comment below or send me an email.  I love the Thrill of the Thrift and I hope this guide inspires you too!

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Helpful Tips

Vintage and thrift shopping can be exhausting since you have to go through many racks and sometimes boxes of items to find that one amazing piece.  The stories are true; you can find Chanel, YSL, Gucci, and Givenchy at your local Goodwill so stay committed! Ever since I started shopping at thrift stores, I developed a list of items to purchase, which keeps me focused.  This list comes in handy at even the smallest of stores that are well-curated.  A good place to start is with my what items to buy vintage post here.

Items to buy second-hand (Apparel):

– Tops: silk blend shirts/blouses and wool blend sweaters are your best bet.

– Dresses: whatever style you like and if the material does not bother you, then buy it.  I find that vintage dresses fit my petite frame much better than new and on-trend dresses.

– Skirts: wool blend pencil skirts and leather skirts (you can find fabulous leather skirts in a variety of styles for generally around $20-$50).

– Blazers: herringbone and wool blend are your best bet.

– Belt: much like dresses, buy what fits you.  I have been lucky enough to find a vintage Moschino heart belt at my local thrift store for under $20!

– Jewelry: looks for pieces that fit your personality and hope it is steal (my vintage Whiting & Davis snake coil bracelet was purchased at Salvation Army for $8 – these generally run $200 on eBay).  I also look for designer pieces in the costume jewelry section of vintage shows and have built quite the collection.

– Handbags: clutches and saddle bags are your best bet. Do not spend more than $40 on any bag at your local vintage store, unless the store can verify its authenticity.  For example, there are many fake Chanel bags that are given that vintage look that are sold at privately owned thrift stores for hundreds of dollars, without the shop owner knowing it is fake or not.  Another splurge worthy bag is a lucite bag – they tend to run at about $100, but in my opinion it’s worth it and has been one of my most versatile bags.

Items to buy second-hand (Furniture & Decor):

– Teak Wood Furniture: You won’t go wrong with buying vintage teak wood furniture.  I love credenzas, dresses, and bedside tables.  The upside is even though you may not be a Mid Century Modern fanatic, these pieces can work in a modern, traditional, and eclectic home. 

– Milo Baughman, Eames, Herman Miller, Dorothy Draper: these are just a few of my favorites.

– Glassware: This is more of personal choice, but I collect vintage glassware like it’s nobodies business! I have more than 100 glasses and it doesn’t stop me from buying even more.  Again, glassware can jazz up your party or dinnerware on the cheap.

– Lucite: I’m also obsessed with lucite (acrylic) furniture and decor items.

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