Three Ways to Style Vintage Textiles at Home


Vintage textiles are having a major moment right now, especially mud cloth and indigo dyed fabrics.  Both of these fabrics are super versatile and work with a variety of design styles at home. Whether your home’s aesthetic is bohemian, mid century modern, or traditional, vintage textiles can add a worldly charm that elevates the feel of the space with little effort and cost.  I especially love textiles in a blue hue as it works with virtually any color palette and again in a variety of interiors.

Three Ways to Style Vintage Textiles at Home



Throw pillows

This option will set you back the cost of the fabric, plus having the pillow case made (approximately $10 per pillow case). To save on costs, use an old pillow to stuff as opposed to buying a new pillow. Mud cloth makes a great pillow cover as it’s very sturdy so if kids decide to jump on them, they will survive, plus they are laundry safe. If you’re living room or den is feeling lackluster, adding some mud cloth pillows will breathe new life into the space for cheap. 


Cushion cover

This is a really easy and inexpensive option for giving old furniture a makeover! Plus, it works to protect new upholstery without the plastic cover! Just wrap the cushion in the fabric (indigo dyed is soft and easy to work with) and pin on the underside to secure. This option also works on sofa cushions, seats and any other removable cushion.  


Table runner

This is almost too simple of an option, but it’s one that people rarely consider. Dress up a wood dining table with a bit of texture by draping an indigo dyed cloth with some embroidery. I also love the juxtaposition of a classic tea set or china set against this soft material. Either way, it’s an unexpected and easy design fix to add some color to your space. 

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