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Spilling the Beans on Vintage Shopping in Palm Springs

As you know, I love Palm Springs. I head out to the desert about 3-4 times a year to unwind and do some serious thrifting and vintage shopping. When I stopped by Modernism Week a couple of weeks ago, I … Continue reading

Vintage YSL Dress

One of my top tips is to try everything on when you’re at the thrift store. An item may look weird or unflattering on the hanger, but as soon as you put it on it takes on a magical form. … Continue reading

Plaid and Leather for Spring

I’m not one to stock up on winter clothes or essentials. I have a couple of chunky sweaters, tights, and OTK boots and these are enough for me. I just wear the same pieces throughout the year and layer up or down as necessary. … Continue reading

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Sheer and Off the Shoulder

A lot of people think that wearing vintage pieces means looking costumey, uber boho, rockabilly, or pin-upy. Obviously, I’m here to tell you and show you that this is not the case. I pride myself in finding vintage pieces that … Continue reading