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Motherhood: One Year In

Last year today, after 30 hours of soft labor and 35 minutes of hard labor, our baby girl Harlee was born and just like that I became a Mama.  I still remember every. single. detail about the night I went … Continue reading

Harlee at 6 Months

Everyone said time would fly as soon as Harlee was born and they were right. I’ve enjoyed every moment of the last six months and I’m trying to hold onto every minute. It’s hard because I don’t want to document … Continue reading

Parasol Diapers

If you had told me at 16 that one day I’d care about the type of diapers I put on my future baby, I would have laughed at you! “Don’t you just need something to keep the poop and pee … Continue reading

Harlee at 3 months

Three months usually marks when most parents head back to work after parental bonding time.  I have a confession – I only took 5 days of maternal leave.  Beyond the blog, I run a digital marketing business and manage 5 clients who count … Continue reading