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Skincare & Beauty Alternatives for Pregnancy

Skincare & Beauty Alternatives for Pregnancy I thought giving up my wine and high waist jeans were going to be the things I missed most during my pregnancy – I was slightly off.  In addition to a list of foods, drinks, … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Smooth and Shiny Hair

I’ve shared my love/hate relationship with my hair in the past.  It’s thick and full (yassss!), but has tons of texture and frizz (nope) which is tough to manage on a daily basis.  To get my messy waves, I normally … Continue reading

Best Brows Ever

Getting the best brows ever is easy if you get a bit of professional help, practice patience, and stick to a tried and true 4 step process.  As an Armenian woman, you could say that I’m blessed with awesome brows.  That … Continue reading

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10 Beauty Products for Spring

My routine doesn’t change much but I do like to change up some of my products with the change in seasons.  These are my must-have 10 beauty products for Spring: Skin: 1. Trish McEvoy Weekly Peel. This is perfect for … Continue reading