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A Tropical Champagne and Sweets Brunch

A Tropical Champagne and Sweets Brunch   Beverly Hills What A Thrill! If this does not bring on some major Troop Beverly Hills memories, then we can’t be friends! I kid (only a little)! Growing up, it was one of … Continue reading

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Harlee’s Unicorn Theme Party

Atam Hatik Party You must be thinking, what is an “atam hatik” and how do I get one!? The atam hatik is a centuries old Armenian tradition that celebrates the appearance of the baby’s first tooth.  The “atam” means “tooth” … Continue reading

Neutral Holiday Table Setting

If you’re anything like me, you’re just a wee bit behind on some holiday decorating. We’ve got our tree and all of the gifts, but I haven’t given any thought to anything else! This is an easy and quick way … Continue reading

The Perfect Cocktail for your Holiday Party

During the summer, I hosted a fun event at West Elm Pasadena along with other Pasadena creatives. Naturally, I was in charge of bringing the libations because a good party always need a signature drink and I always love classic … Continue reading