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Harlee’s Unicorn Theme Party

Atam Hatik Party You must be thinking, what is an “atam hatik” and how do I get one!? The atam hatik is a centuries old Armenian tradition that celebrates the appearance of the baby’s first tooth.  The “atam” means “tooth” … Continue reading

Neutral Holiday Table Setting

If you’re anything like me, you’re just a wee bit behind on some holiday decorating. We’ve got our tree and all of the gifts, but I haven’t given any thought to anything else! This is an easy and quick way … Continue reading

The Perfect Cocktail for your Holiday Party

During the summer, I hosted a fun event at West Elm Pasadena along with other Pasadena creatives. Naturally, I was in charge of bringing the libations because a good party always need a signature drink and I always love classic … Continue reading

A Tropical Winter Lemonade Cocktail #MixedWithTrop

As you know, I love shaking up a cocktail to celebrate Friday night or for casual parties at home. There’s one big event in November for which I’m most excited. Most of my friends are obsessed with “Gilmore Girls,” and … Continue reading

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